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Ph.D. Programme in Economics - University of Cyprus

The Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Cyprus aims to provide rigorous economic theory and econometrics training to enable our students to conduct cutting-edge original research in economics. Our aim is for our graduates to successfully compete internationally for employment at Universities, research institutions, public policy organizations, and the private sector.

The Department of Economics provides a strong research-oriented academic environment, with faculty members with research interests spanning across various fields in Economics and Econometrics. Tilburg University Research Ranking, which measures research output in Economics journals, has been ranking the University of Cyprus consistently within the top 100 institutions in Europe, and around the world’s top 250. Faculty members have published in most leading journals in economics and related fields, including the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Annals of Statistics, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.


The program begins with the coursework stage. The students take core courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, as well as a course in Analytical Methods, two courses in Current Topics in Economic Research and additional elective courses that help them deepen their knowledge in specific research areas. Students with sufficiently high performance in the core courses obtain the right to take the comprehensive exam. Success in the comprehensive exam gives the student the right to proceed to the programme’s research stage. During the research stage, the student conducts research under a Research Advisor’s guidance, intending to write a doctoral dissertation.


We seek candidates with strong analytical skills, a background in quantitative methods (not necessarily in Economics) and a passion for research. Students coming directly from undergraduate studies, or without prior research-oriented graduate studies in Economics, are typically first enrolled in the Master in Economic Analysis, where they can complete the required coursework. Admitted students can also have the opportunity to transfer credits from similar classes taken in other universities.



The Department makes every effort possible to ensure that the doctoral students have enough income to live independently during their studies. The Department covers the tuition fees of incoming full-time Ph.D. students. In addition to this, most students are offered financial aid, in the form of scholarships or teaching assistantships, which allows them to cover their living costs. Students who are initially enrolled in the Master of Economic Analysis are also eligible for funding.


In the past decade, the Department has financially supported all its full-time Ph.D. students throughout their studies and a substantial number of students enrolled in the Master in Economic Analysis.


Required Documents and Application Process

  1. Application through the online application system of the University.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.
  3. Copies of university degrees or a statement of expected graduation.
  4. Transcripts.
  5. Curriculum vitae.
  6. English proficiency exam (This is certified by international standardized tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).
  7. Motivation letter.
  8. (Optional, Not Required) Results of GRE Exam.


Deadline for applications: 30/04/2023


Applications received by the initial deadline will be evaluated in early April with priority. The programme will be accepting applications after the deadline, which will be evaluated on a rolling basis for as long as there are still available positions and funding opportunities.


Additional Information and Contact Details

Detailed information about the programme can be found on the Department’s webpage.

Information about the life in Cyprus can be found at the webpage of UCY’s International Students Office.

Contact Email: dept.econ@ucy.ac.cy