Master Academic Studies "STATISTICS"

Master Academic Studies "STATISTICS"


Name of the Master programme: Master Academic Studies "STATISTICS"
University of Donja Gorica - UDG, Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business (FIEFB)

Postgraduate Studies "Entrepreneurial Economics"

Contact persons: 
Veselin Vukotic, PhD, full professor, Head of the Program
Maja Drakic-Grgur, PhD, associate professor, Dean of FIEFB

Short description of the Master programme: 

Master academic program "Statistics" (120 ECTS, 2 years) for obtaining the degree Master of Science in Statistics is organized at Postgraduate studies "Entrepreneurial Economics" of the Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business (hereafter FIEFB) of University of Donja Gorica (hereafter UDG). Main purpose of this study program is to educate staff for working in institutions responsible for production of public statistic data, in light of integration processes and overall economic and social development of Montenegro. The program is designed in order to meet requirements of European Master of Official Statistics (EMOS), so each of the courses and the program overall is structured so as to enable future students to acquire knowledge, skills and competences recommended by EMOS program. Thus all courses, and its structure, can be described as EMOS courses. Curriculum comprises of 10 required and 3 (out of 7) elective courses, internship and one research project. After successful completion of these activities students are working on a Master's thesis during one semester. 

Master program "STATISTICS" aims to equip professionals with the academic knowledge, skills and competences in the field of statistics and the ability to apply statistical methodology in various fields. After successful completion of the program, students will gain knowledge in the fundamental areas of mathematics and statistics, probability theory, process of statistical research, starting from the sampling theory, data collection models, processing data and statistical modelling in different fields. Students of this study program will acquire relevant knowledge on international statistical methodology in different areas, and will be able to implement it in practice. Students who attend the program are trained to apply acquired knowledge with the use of modern information tools and statistical software. Teaching is based on interactive and interdisciplinary approach in applying acquired theoretical and methodological knowledge in practice through simulations and solving problem approach, with strong emphasis on the tools important for efficient dissemination of data. In addition to that as on all other study program at UDG, the emphasis in teaching process is put on the development of communication and presentation skills, but also on issues related to confidentiality and ethics in statistical dissemination. 

Web page of the Master programme:

Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other): Bachelor degree (min 180 ECTS), English language

Duration: 2 academic years

Number of ECTS: 120 ECTS

Cooperation partner in Official Statistics:

Start date: Fall 2016