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Prof. dr Muhamet Mustafa

Dr.Muhamet Mustafa was minister coordinator for the development policy and planning in the Government of former Yugoslavia (1986-1989), Minister for Development of Kosova’s government (1984-1986), Director of the Found for Road Construction in Kosova (1981-1984). Author of The books: "Income Policy and Productivity (1981), "Organization of the Investment System and the Economic Development of Kosova" (1985), "Cybernetics in Economy (1989, 1990), " Cybernetics and Introduction to Informatics" (1995), “Management of Investment Projects (1997); author of many papers published in various professional and scientific magazines and presented in symposiums and conferences; Vice president of Association of Economists of Kosova. Leader of the Projects realized by Riinvest.
Dr.Mustafa is also a professor at Faculty of Economics in University of Prishtina. He teaches on: Small and Medium Business Development, Management of Investments, Project Management, Management of Information System (MIS)

dr Muhamet Mustafa
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